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Home Staging Guide

Staged homes look warm and inviting and allows prospective buyers to see the possibilities of your home. As a savvy money conscious homeowner you can apply the following tips when selling.

“The average professional home staging costs between three and five thousand dollars. Professionally staged homes sell in an average of 35 days (compared to 175 days for non-staged homes), according to”.

1. Remove furniture from the walls and corners. Show the flow of the home.

2. Clean and dust ceiling fans.

3. Potential buyers are looking for storage space. Overstocked closets show a lack of space so CLEAR OUT THE UNNECESSARY CLUTTER!

4. Pack up unnecessary items and furniture, and move items to a nearby storage facility. Let buyers see your square footage. 

5. Open your curtains to let some light in. Buyers love light and airy rooms.

6. Make it less personal, personal items can distract potential buyers from envisioning themselves inside the home.

7. Remove the countertop clutter. Still needing more? Paint/stain any outdated cabinets and install new hardware.

8. Remove TVs from bedrooms. Use fresh pillows and neutral linens.

9. Store all toothbrushes and personal items in the bathroom.

10. Hang fresh white towels.

11. Remove the old store-bought plastic soap bottle and replace it with a decorative instead.

12. Steam clean flooring.

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