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Guide to Buying a New Construction

It's crucial to have the right REALTOR as your partner when shopping for new construction, and I am here to help you navigate through your options in the Jacksonville area.

Buyers of brand new homes in a neighborhood aren't happy when the homes that sell after theirs sell for a lesser price. Knowing this, the builder or developer often won't bend on price. (You'll appreciate this behavior after you've bought a home in a development of new construction!) Regardless, depending on the market and the status of the project, there's sometimes room for negotiation.

For example, if the home is pretty much move-in ready, you have little to no negotiating powers. But if the home has been sitting fully furnished, like a show or model home, and there haven't been many offers - then the builder might be willing to work with you. The longer the home has been on the market, the more the builder has invested.

In situations where a builder won't budge, try getting a break with other aspects of the transaction. Builders commonly assist with the closing costs, or extra amenities, like an allowance for window treatments, landscaping, or an extended home warranty. Or take the other route; if a home is nearing completion, you can often save money by passing on suggested upgrades from the builder.

Just because a house is brand new, it doesn't mean that it is immune from needing repairs. Be sure to get a home inspection before purchase so that issues are handled and also negotiate a home warranty.

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