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8 Ways to Make Buyers Fall in Love with Your Home

We all want people to love our home as much as we do, but especially when you are

trying to sell it! While it’s impossible to please every buyers’ taste, there are several

easy things you can do to make your home more appealing (wink wink) without

spending a lot of money. Try some of these tricks and see if your showings cause

buyers to swoon.

1. Check yo self then check your curb appeal. Take an honest look from the

curbside. What are buyers seeing first? If your home needs to be painted or

pressure washed, consider making that investment. Clean up landscaping by

trimming trees and bushes, planting some fresh annuals, and laying new mulch.

Clean windows, repair sagging soffit, or porch railings, and have any trip hazards

on your driveway or front walk repaired. Finally, consider some attractive, yet

subtle decorations for your front porch.

2. Create an inviting entryway. When buyers step inside your front door, you want

them to feel welcomed. If you have a foyer or front hall, it is easier to make an

attractive entryway, but even if your front door opens right into your living room,

you can create the feel of an entryway with a couple of simple tricks. Clear the

area of clutter things that tend to pile up at the front door, like backpacks, dog

leashes, or shoes. Place a small table or bench beside the door with plants,

candles, or other simple décor. A small area rug can help define the space as the


3. Let the light shine in. Take advantage of natural light as much as you can.

Trimming any bushes or trees outside your windows can help immensely. Wash

your windows inside and out and replace or remove any worn screens. Make

sure to open blinds or curtains before all showings.

4. Add some fresh color. Painting is an easy and inexpensive way to make an older

home look new and is especially important if your current wall color is dark or

outdated. Choose a light neutral color like a warm grey or light beige and use the

same color throughout the house. If your home tends to be dark, this will help

brighten it up.

5. Let storage spaces speak for themselves. Many sellers make the mistake of

waiting until they have a contract to start cleaning out closets. Cleaning out

clutter is part of getting ready to show, not just getting ready to move. You want

buyers to be able to see the storage in the home, and this does not work if every

drawer, cabinet, and closet is stuffed to the gills.

6. Eliminate distractions. Streamline your decorating so your buyers see the house

and not your collection of roosters (yeah Mamaw I am talking to you). Go ahead

and pack up collectibles and family photos and keep decorative touches to the

minimum. Too many plants, magazines, or toys distract the buyers from seeing

the home as their own.

7. Entice them with outdoor space. The back yard shouldn’t be an empty space of

infinite possibility, nor should it be a storage area for neglected toys (guilty). Get rid of any eyesores you’ve been avoiding dealing with, spruce up your landscaping, repair irrigation or pool issues, and create an entertaining space with a patio set, or a backyard oasis with some potted plants and a hammock.

8. Make it easy for them. Taking care of minor repairs is another step you can take

to help buyers see your home as an easy and comfortable move. You want them

to be mentally arranging their furniture as they walk through, not making a list of

nicked woodwork, torn window screens, and leaky faucets. The less work

involved, the easier it is to fall in love. Crossing off those minor repairs will also

show buyers how well you care for your home and ease the fear of looming

larger repairs.

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